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Northland Lutheran Church, LCMC
"A place to worship God, spread his word, and be a witness for Christ.  We ​welcome all to help grow a community of believers through the  power of the Holy Spirit."​
N9880 State Highway 49, Iola, WI 54945
​Office Phone: 715-445-2956​​

Sunday Worship Service
                                 9:00 AM                                 (1 1st Sunday in May to 1st Sunday in September)​

10:00 AM
  (2nd Sunday in September to 1st Sunday in May)

​                          Communion                             Communion is the first ​Sunday of ​​the month​ and religious holidays.  (See Monthly Calendar)

Pastor Bill Stukenberg

No Sunday School till 2nd Sunday of September
​Sunday School starts with Rally Day on the second Sunday in September to continues until the last Sunday of April.  

N9880 Highway 49
Iola, Wi  54945

​                Office Hours:                     Thursday 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

                 Office Phone:                 (715) 445-2956

​email: northlandchurch@hotmail.com​




     We’re glad you’ve found our wonderful country church! We welcome you to visit and share the joy that we have found in the Lord our Savior.  God bless!!
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